Multidose Monitored Dosage with "Press and Go" Pods

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Our friends at Augment8™ have been busy creating virtual 3D models of the MultiMeds tray. The use of augmented reality means that you can view the tray in three-dimensions in any environment you choose and be able to look all around it! You will need to follow the simple instructions below - it's free and fun and a great way to explore our MultiMeds product tray.

It's easy to start using the augmented reality app if you have a smart phone or tablet. Augment8™ is FREE from the Apple App store or Google Play.

multimeds-3d-qr-codeDownload and launch the App, select the 'Scan QR Code' button and scan the QR code to the left to view.

But now for the magic bit... click on the A8 marker image to the right, point your phone or tablet camera towards the marker and the MultiMeds Tray will appear before your eyes.


Alternatively, you can print the A8 marker from this link. Select our product from the Augment8 App library and view on your desk, you will then be able turn the marker and look around it.


Apple App...

Android App...

Print Marker...


Augment8 Marker


For more information on the Augment8 App, including a demo video, please visit