Multidose Monitored Dosage with "Press and Go" Pods

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  • MultiMeds™

    Monitored Dosage System
  • Printable Seals

    CareMeds Software Required
  • Pre-printed Coloured Seals

    A Range of coloured seals for Weekly and Monthly supply

Make you Pharmacy Stand out from the Crowd

In this ever increasingly competitive market, pharmacy owners need every possible competitive advantage they can leverage to ensure their business prospers.

Do you service Carehomes?

Do you use tradtional blister packs?

If YES applies to your business, then your business may be vulnerable.

Carehomes are rapidly becoming aware of the advantages that Multi-dose MDS systems have to offer around safety and convenience with meds administration;

  • One tray per meds round
  • Colour photos of resident on packaging seal
  • Colour photos of medication on lid labels
  • Colour coded seals to match MAR Charts and meds rounds
  • Resident, medications and drug round info printed onto each POD seal
  • Removable Pods complete with individual seal
  • Press and Go Pods for resident day trips


If your pharmacy is unable to deliver these advantages then its a matter of time before someone else will.

MultiMeds™ is the most cost effective product of its type, there's no siginificant capital outlay required and you can be up and running in a matter of days.

There's no restrictions on exclusivity, its our belief all pharmacies and their patients should benefit from the advantages that MultiMeds™ can deliver, whether it's improved outcomes for patients or new business for pharmacy owners.

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